Below are a few kind words from some of our loved clients.

“Before I met Jack I was in a fitness rut: a pulled ligament had made me nervous about running, I’d got out of the habit of going to classes and I felt I was sliding into a middle age exercise crisis.

So it was refreshing to see him take one look at my dodgy knee and put me straight back on the treadmill for a new perspective on training; short, sharp sprint sessions would take the place of painfully slow and boring 30 minute jogs. But the real eye opener was the way he got me to open my mind to weight training. Pre-Jack I was the kind of girl who made heavy weather of picking up any dumbbell over 2kg, but within weeks he’d skilfully got me lifting 6, 8 then 10kg. And then there were the kettle bells, the rowing machine (sprints again), skipping ropes and all manner of scary looking machinery (which I can never remember the names of, but I can make a decent attempt at operating them).

My fitness regime has been revitalised, I feel healthier, can run a reasonable 5k and I’ve dropped a dress size. Even better than that, the personal training sessions are something I look forward to rather than dread. We chat, we laugh, we work hard….and you know you’ve done well when he sticks one of your training pictures on Instagram; that’s Jack’s fitness A*!”

Tersa, Chiswick

“I booked in for my induction with Jack after signing up for a ½ marathon in November 2012, with 6 weeks notice. I hadn’t exercised for 7 years, was 41 years old, working full time and mother of 4 children. Jack drew up a plan to get me fitter. We had weekly PT sessions and I used his plan independently twice a week. I went on to complete the half marathon in 2hrs 22minutes. I have continued to train weekly with Jack and in March 2014 we completed a 10km Army Assault course in less that 1 ½ hrs. He has sculpted my body without me really knowing and now I have arms the envy of all my friends (and some strangers apparently). I look forward to our training sessions because I have complete trust in what Jack is aiming for me to achieve. He makes each training session fun, to the point all my children like to join in – especially when Jack ball is on the agenda. I can’t speak highly enough of his hard work and dedication to the cause.”

Nina, St Margaret’s

“The biggest most obvious thing you notice about having Jack as PT is how enjoyable it is.

Jack is creative and thorough with his training and is passionate about what he does. His enthusiasm is infective which keeps you motivated and driven to set smart goals and achieve them!

He is dedicated to excellence in his results and certainly doesn’t allow any scope to veer away from that in his clients!

‘No half jobs Harry or burnout barry!’

Immediate result I got were the the mental energy and focus that I got, just made me so much happier. I’m much leaner and toned and am steadily loosing weight. Have done 5k and 10k and signed up for a half marathon!

Anyone you speak to about him tells how good he is. Nothing more to be said!”

Racha, Twickenham

“I have been training with Jack for the last year and through his coaching I have been able to improve my overall cardio performance and strength.  No two sessions are ever the same and we always use a wide mix of activities in each session.  With Jack’s support and training I was able to complete a 300 mile London to Paris bike ride – something 12 months ago I am not sure I could have completed.”

Elliot, Richmond.