Who isn’t busy these days? It can be very tough to fit in exercise. Often fitting in your workouts can slip far down your priorities list as other things get in the way. Here are my top tips to keep you motivated:

1- Keep Your Training Consistent

I’m sure like most people you will find that in Spring and Summer you are most motivated to exercise and eat healthily to get that ‘Summer body’. But really to achieve great results in the Summer the hard work needs to start in the Winter, so don’t let those cold dark evenings put you off, think about the long term benefits!

2-Never Plan Rest Days

Things often crop up at the last minute which mean you can’t get your workouts done on the days that you plan to. This can be frustrating and demotivating. Instead of pre-planning your workout days try and move every day! Exercise doesn’t have to consist of hours slogging away in the gym, I often do 20 minute workouts in my garden / living room if i can’t make it to the gym. It’s all about working with what you’ve got and the time you have. You will feel much better for it!

3- Don’t Put Pressure on Yourselves

Often my clients are so focused on getting instant results they put additional stress on themselves. Changing your body shape doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort so stick at it. Remember the health benefits as well as the visual changes.

4- Goal Setting

Get some fitness events in the calendar. I have recently completed a 10k mud obstacle course. It was fun and gave me something to train for. There are so many events out there, so pick one that you like the sound of and get training for it!

5- Train With a Friend

I have lots of clients who train with their friends. Not only is this great fun for the clients but the friendly competition pushes them harder!

6- Get Competitive Against Yourself

Monitor and track your fitness. I like to test mine out every few months. For example I see how many press ups I can do in 1 mintue or how fast I can run a 5k. I record this on my phone and try and beat it. Its all about pushing yourself, having fun and progressing.